Accidents going to work

Going back to work after holiday period need to be taken with complete calm to be able to join up to the routine without major consequences. One of the most important to take into consideration are the accidents from going and back to work.

In Spain, according to the Regulation 115 Text from the Social Security Law we intend that work accident means anybody injury that the employee suffers while doing his job. From 2005, work accident is valid for self-employed workers who pay their social security taxes.

Accidents going to work are the ones that happen when the worker is going or coming back from work. They are the journeys done with major pressure as we are always in hurry and think about many things which are not the traffic that surround us at that moment.

To avoid them, we have to become aware that the journeys to and from work done on a daily basis are potential traffic accidents that we can avoid.

Therefore, we must sensitize the worker environment as managers, employees, family…to avoid that with their actions and behaviors become an added risk factor (phone calls, messages, rushes, distractions…) that can induce accidents.

As well, we have to think about other mobility options as an alternative to our own vehicle, like using public transport, bikes or even walking.

As safety starts from the moment we leave home, from the DGT and our own common sense, to avoid accidents from and going to work, we recommend drivers not to do the same daily journey, be in hurry and be distracted, and being focused on the driving.

To obtain companies interest about travelling accidents, managers need to insert road safety inside their Health and Safety programmes. As well, a small sign on which we remind employees that the journey from home to work and vice versa is a concentrated run of accidents, on which all our attention is required because “the most urgent work is to stay live”.

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