Are the Minions in Divetis?

Protector de estanterías disfrazado


Is it possible that those funny and nice little creatures that invaded every places this summer, have managed to install themselves inside Grupo Divetis products?

They seem to be everywhere. Are the Minions in Divetis? Can we find them or is it better no to?

Protectores de estanterías en uso

Their Yellow colour is very similar to the one used for Industrial Safety, and like them (they always do their best to find their villain), Grupo Divetis always bet on innovating and giving security to industrial structures, allowing a wide range of protection for industries for Health and Safety precautions.

If we pay attention to our rack guards…Don’t they remind you of somebody? If we change one of the velcros by suspender pants and the other by glasses…Won’t they look like The Minions? Still, for them to complete their protection mission and avoid serious accidents, the Divetis ones are on a diet to be stronger and slimmer. And to feel cooler we took the suspender pants off.

We would like to thank The Minions and their creators for their shape and colour which gave us the opportunity to presume of our rack guard protection with the “Banana colour”.

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