Car and holidays. Dangerous combination

During holidays, it seems that all our routines get changed like eating hours, activities, friendships giving the sensation of laziness.

But when we are on the wheel, we have to take extreme precautions to drive safely. As the DVLA remind us ” Only 99% of your attention driving is not enough”. We have to be careful the whole time to avoid accidents that, most of them, are incurred by small distraction that can cost a lot, life included, yours or others.

Therefore, before getting into the car and start up the engine, we have to be well prepared considering it as a new adventure each time we take the vehicle. Anything we need, has to be planned before leaving to avoid distractions (get the GPS ready, the chosen music, put glasses on, use mobile phone, get luggage arranged) And we remember: it is better to stop and get what we require, than neglect our “killing machine” for one second while on the way.

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