La vuelta a España 2015 bike tour next to us

This year we have had the chance to enjoy live the La vuelta a España 2015 bike tour that passed very close to our premises. This is the first time since we moved in summer 2009.

Cycling is a very hard sport. You need to train a lot to be fit and obtain the resistance and strength that cyclists need in the different competitions worldwide.

It is a healthy sport that many people practice to maintain fit and at the same time enjoy nature. The bicycle is one of the most used vehicles even if we come across traffic jams, pollution, parking problems, speed reduction in towns, etc.

Most cities can provide a cycling rental system even if a lot of users prefer having their own bicycle to be able to be to make their own maintenance.

Therefore, we can provide various safety bicycle rack guards, whether for street furniture or personal use. They will give you protection avoiding them to fall and allow a perfect storing system. We are sure that you will find the most adequate according to your needs.

We hope that La vuelta a España 2015 bike tour follow with the same intensity as usual giving us at the same time the opportunity to view beautiful Spanish landscape.

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