Select the right protection. We help you how to do it.


Select the right protection. We help you how to do it.

Nowadays, there are many situations where we come across the need to protect and give security to the environment around us.

All of us we have once dreamed to have umbrellas or net that can protect us from eventual dangers. It is not easy to be protected from everything; still we can try to obtain the major safety in those moments or areas where it is feasible.

Therefore Grupo Divetis provide consultation and orientation about health and safety requirements.

Industrial safety

Street furniture and parking protections

Special protections and children furniture

Barrera-125mm-R-508-0125-T-495x400 Bolardo-R-300-0039-T-495x400 Mobiliario infantil

If you need and kind of protection, please don’t hesitate and have a look at our catalogues or get in touch with our expert customer service who will make sure to give you the best solution to your need. We are waiting for you!


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