Protectores estanterias en Elektro 3
ELEKTRO3 - Jordi Cruselles

I wish to point out (I have installed many, myself) that your protections have a flexible cut, allowing installation on racks on different levels as pictures attached. Those protections have been tested against “impacts” on purpose and they fulfilled their function. Beside, on a personal point of view, they are much better than other protections made of steel. I take the opportunity to congratulate you for your great professionalism from yourself and the rest of the Divetis team. Your are a flexible, sincere and clear company. Great values without a doubt. Congratulations.

Protector de parking
CLASSICA MOTORS - Manuel Nicolaidis

Great organization. Congratulations and thank you

Proteccion de columnas en Pepe Jeans
PEPE JEANS - Francisco González Romero

My experience with the products offered by Grupo Divetis has been very pleasant. We have been working with different products but I want to point out two of them. First one, the column guard made of plastic. We replaced the steel structure which was giving a rustic appearance to our warehouse adding dust and rubbish in its inside, plus floor damages when taking out the fixings after receiving an impact. With the product offered by Divetis, its appearance has improved but as well thanks to the velcros it is very easy to take out and put back again in case painting and cleaning are required within the warehouse. Strength and resistance are kept because it is made of plastic. The standing of the column is totally guaranteed thanks to this product. The second product is the universal rack guard, very easy to install, we save time instead of drilling the floor. It has the advantage to be flexible, we can take it out and transport from one warehouse to another very easily. The relationship with the Divetis staff and their technicians has been excellent. They advised me through the whole process to improve the security inside our warehouse, as well they visited us to our premises to make sure we receive the best support and help on how to choose the adequate product for each situation.

Protecciones de columnas colegios

Ingeniería de la construcción Cordobesa - Miguel del Puerto I would like to thank the treatment showed in the various occasions I got in contact with you, as well as the patience proved upon my insistence for the delivery of the material. Delivery, made correctly and on time, in a satisfactory way. Including made before the expected date.

Protector Parking de La Mezquita
Parking la Mezquita - Emilio Millan
The business relationship between our company and Divetis has been highly satisfactory. The items purchased have been of our complete satisfaction corresponding perfectly to the ones offered on the web page, through which our orders have been placed. Those items are of an excellent quality and meet perfectly the function for which they have been bought for. The personnel treatment, in our case by phone or email, is satisfactory, and lead times have been fulfilled as planned. For sure I will keep on maintaining our business relationship with Divetis in the future.
Bolardos de protección aeropuerto de Valencia

Valencia Aiport - Jesus Merino Since 2010 Divetis have been furnishing safety products to the airport, developing a satisfactory relationship for the airport, regarding the products provided as the treatment received. I want to point out the dedication in answering all questions and customer needs. It is worth a special attention to the supply of the rubber protectors for the traffic areas of trolleys where the deposit of luggage is done. Protectors specially made for airport environment with a good result upon hazards and maintenance which are present in luggage traffic areas inside the airport.