Traffic education and kids during summer

We are in the middle of summer holidays. How to entertain children in an educational way?

Children have a lot of spare time for relaxing, playing, enjoying and sharing moments of leisure and fun with their family and friends. Suumer holidays are the right time to remember academic programmes that they learnt at school as well as to learn or reinforce values as sharing, respecting or being responsible. And why not for reinforcing their traffic skills and advices about road safety. Traffic education and kids during summer.

To do so, we can include family activities to maximise those skills adding in our luggage some books or games related to safety and traffic education, as the following.

Happy kids in cars – Kids and Traffic

Key Road Safety Messages – Kids and Traffic

Learning, remembering and reinforcing traffic education and safe mobility during the early age using games, can be a good methodology for children who can use their spare time during summer holidays. The use of consistent key Road Safety Messages by all the adults in a young child’s life, families, educators and other carers, enables them to engage young children in road safety learning without any expectation that they are then safe and independent road users.

There are many educational contents addressed to children, like stories and various character´s experiences, from a ludic and funny vision emphazing conducts, behaving and traffic skills. We can’t forget that the main behaving model for children are the adults around them, especially fathers and mothers.

Holidays are perfect for parents to continue teaching not only formal education at schools but traffic education included.

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